More than just acupuncture.

Allow me to facilitate you on your journey. Whether you are trying to find more ease in everyday life, trying to conceive, experiencing troublesome anxiety or depression or hoping to have an easier time with your pregnancy and labour, I have something to offer you.  


Community & Private Acupuncture

Healing with acupuncture

I offer acupuncture treatments in either a private or community setting. Some find a private setting more comfortable while others who find themselves a little more financially restricted will still benefit greatly from community acupuncture. I offer cupping therapy, gua sha, electro-acupuncture and moxibustion heat therapy as well.

Meditation Lounge

Take a break

Several days a week the community acupuncture space will be open as a meditation lounge. Please book in and drop by to take a break from your busy or stressful day. There are tablets with various guided meditation apps for you to use, you may listen to music or use one of my MUSE neurofeedback devices. $10 fee for 25 minutes.


Pregnancy & Fertility Support

before, during & after care

Whether you are having difficulty conceiving, suffering from pregnancy related ailments or struggling with postpartum depression, anxiety or irritability acupuncture and Chinese medicine have something to offer you.

Access Bars & Spiritual Guidance

Find more ease, find your way

Looking for more ease in your life? Feeling stuck, frustrated, struggling with anxiety or depressed? I can help to dissolve self limiting beliefs, judgments an ideas? I don’t have all of the answers but I can ask questions to help you see other possibilities.