Photo by  E rin Cambell

Photo by Erin Cambell

Rhianda Linsdell, R.Ac., R.TCM.P

In 2005, after completing my Doctor of Chinese Medicine studies in Vancouver BC, I began the long personal and professional journey that brings me to today. In the 12 years since graduation, I moved from Vancouver to the beautiful Okanagan; I opened a successful practice which I sold when my husband and I had our two beautiful children; I took some time to focus on motherhood and raise our kids to school and nearly-school age; and I opened my second practice.

I have learned many lessons and grown immeasurably, both as a person and a practitioner, over the past decade. In my evolution as a Practitioner of Chinese Medicine, it has become very clear
to me that we need to harness the incredible power of energetics – a force we cannot see, but which affects us all through every moment of our existence.

I feel that I have been very lucky to stay home with my children in order to be their daily caregiver, it's not an option for many woman in today's busy society. Now I am very excited to be back to my work and my passion for helping people to heal.  Find me at my part time practice downtown on Lawrence Avenue.

When working with Chinese Medicine, the opportunities for healing success are limitless. I am a strong believer in the body's own innate ability to heal itself and acupuncture is the tool I use to remind it. 

“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.”  Buddha