Meditation & Mindfulness

As most of my patients can attest to, my first and strongest recommendation is to start a simple practice of meditation as soon as possible.
Our brains can change, it’s scientifically proven, but we must commit to working at it. The only rule I have when it comes to meditation is that you have to do it. I don’t care how you choose to do it or what tools you choose to use, I just want you to start and not expect to be perfect at it!

Meditation Louge

In my clinic I have a space where you can come to de-stress and take a break from your busy day. I have tablets with meditation apps and MUSE neurofeedback devices to use as well.

One on One Consultation

I now offer one on one meditation/mindfulness consultations where you you can learn about meditation, learn how to meditate and ask questions about how meditation and mindfulness are used.
I will show you how to begin to understand yourself as a vibrational, energetic being.
I can offer dream insights, interpreting dreams in a collective and individual sense.

Or book in for a energy work session with guided meditation.